Support Policy

Kalahari Fresh looks to provide the best experience for both Sellers and Customers on the website. Support is provided through support tickets, the on platform messaging application and through email. The highest level of support will be performed through support tickets submitted through the Kalahari Fresh Platform.

Customers and Sellers Only

Support services provided by the Kalahari Fresh support team will only be provided to verified account holders (the customer) that have purchase receipts for the Goods that the support request is for and verified Sellers. To make support requests, they must, at least in a temporary capacity, use a verified customer account login to make support requests.


The support services provided by the Help Desk support team are not intended for use as a replacement for business critical operational support staff. The customer and seller agrees that support services will not be used when failure of the support services to attain a desired result could lead to significant loss of business.

Hours of Operation

Support services are provided during business days (Monday through Friday) from the hours of 8 AM to 8 PM. Support hours of operation exclude all Botswana Holidays as well as the following days:

  • Good Friday (the Friday before Easter)
  • Christmas Eve
  • The day after Christmas (2nd day of Christmas)
  • New Years Eve

These exclusions are subject to change. Changes to the hours of operation will be amended as a notice here at least 30 days before the new exclusion rules will go into effect.

Response Times

Response times are limited to the hours of operation. There is no guarantee of a specific response timeframe. Responses are provided on a first come, first serve basis. Adding posts to a ticket before the initial request is answered by an authorized support agent will add further delays by moving the ticket to the end of the line.

Supported Products

Captive Labs will provide support on topics mentioned within our Seller Policy and Privacy Policy which may include:

  • Required assistance in using the Kalahari Fresh Platform
  • Required assistance in setting up certain features on the Kalahari Fresh Platform
  • Assistance with disputes between customers and sellers


Support Ticket

A support ticket is a support request posted to the official, web-based Kalahari Fresh support Help Desk located within each users verified account. Kalahari Fresh support services are provided for a qualified support ticket.

Qualified Support Tickets

A qualified support ticket is a request for support by an authenticated customer detailing a clear description of a single, distinct, technical problem with a supported product on a Kalahari Fresh installation that is active.

Kalahari Fresh will, at its sole discretion, determine what constitutes a qualified support ticket. Kalahari Fresh will not provide support services until a support ticket has been qualified by an authorized representative of Kalahari Fresh.



When required for the purposes of diagnostics, troubleshooting, qualification of support tickets, and patching bugs of the customer copy of supported products, the customer agrees to provide the necessary level of access to customer computer systems and software in order for Kalahari Fresh to perform support services. This access includes but is not limited to:

  • File Transfer Protocol (FTP) or equivalent remote read and write filesystem access to all files directly related to the operation of the supported product
  • Direct or indirect access to all log files
  • Access to the administrative interface of customer account, with roles and capabilities equivalent to the site Administrator

Failure of the customer to provide reasonable, timely access to these systems necessary for Kalahari Fresh to carry out its duties will result in the automatic resolution of the support incident.


Rejected Support Tickets

Support services may be denied for reasons including, but not limited to, the following:

  • The support team can not confirm the authority by the customer account used to open the support ticket
  • The supported product is modified or customized by the customer or a third-party hired by the customer, or downloaded and installed from a third-party source
  • Questions or problems related to how to develop or customize Kalahari Fresh that would require custom written source code to resolve the support ticket
  • Software development or web site design
  • Problems caused by third-party software products including that are not supported products
  • Uncooperative, unprofessional, or abusive conduct by the customer or seller




A support ticket is resolved when the customer receives one of the following:

  • information that resolves the problem;
  • information on how to obtain a solution or service that will resolve the problem;
  • notice that the problem is caused by a known, unresolved issue or an incompatibility issue with the platform;
  • information that identifies the problem as being caused or related to the customer or seller negligence to the policies provided by Kalahari Fresh